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NO. 5 S i m p l y S p o i l e d B e a u t y : Tutorial Preview

Just picked up my goodies from Simply Spioled Cosmetics and filmed a quick, simple pink eyeshadow turorial. You're probably thinking neon eyeshadow...really now?

But it looks nice and isn't overdone, and it would look adorable with a pink/floral romper or any colorfully accented outfit you have.

The tutorial will be up on youtube soon! And with several different eyeshadow looks with my "Glittering Starlet" pallet. (: & a few more Simply Spoiled Beauty product reviews.

Can't wait to share my ideas with you ladies!

Their products can be seen at

Any of their makeup items would make a perfect Christmas gift for the women in your life, and won't break your budget! Happy shopping (;

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