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NO. 15 Landed my first lead role in a music video!

I was blessed with the lead role in Armenian singer Harout Balyan's new single, 'Karotum Em'

It was my first time acting, so go easy on me ;p

I booked this job myself without the help of an agency. Whoo!

This shoot taught me that I am NOT musically all. I was asked to play the violin for a scene in the video, and it sounded so awful I couldn't help but laugh. It was so hard to keep a straight face when there was a hilariously horrible squealing going on right by my ear... haha

My top is from Bloom and my jeans are from Hollister.

The dress at the end is from Vesper, and my bag is from Guess.

All jewelry is from Forever 21.

My make-up looked steller in this video thanks to my lovely Anna. Check out her instagram (;


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