NO. 21 Your Tea Teatox

Tiny Tea 'Teatox '

This is probably the 4th detox tea I've tried so far, and it's working some wonders for my skin!

Aside from clearing up my complexion, it's helped with my digestive system. It's seriously a life saver, with all the junk food I end up eating on set, its' hard to eat as healthily as I'd like. But I don't have to stress about it, *cue heroic music* Tiny Tea does all the 'clean up' work for me. It completely flattens out my tummy so I'm ready for the next day's shoot. It's especially refreshing when I have to travel for my job. It gives me alll the energy I need to make it through the day.

I'm definitely going to be enjoying this tea for the next 2 weeks (:


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