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NO. 23 My Beauty Must- Have

Lash Makeover

I've discovered the holy grail product of the year! Younique Cosmetics makes a 3D fiber mascara that increases your lash volume by 300%. You'll effortlessly look like you're wearing false lashes with just one coat of this stuff! Instead of applying a million coats of regular drug store mascara. I mean dont get me wrong, I love maybelline, I just dont love spending 20 minutes in the moring applying it haha thats an extra 20 minutes I could spend sleeping ;D College girls, jah feeeell?

I personally hate messing around with false lashes... i mean gluing something to my face everyday is a pain in the ass. Stand down false lashes, you've been repaced!

This mascara kit comes in a cute black case with 2 tubes: 1 is the ransplanting gel and the other is a tube of natural fibers. I know 'transplanting gel' sounds kinda scary, but it is literally just like normal mascara, its the same consistancy and color of regular black mascara. This gel preps your lashes to apply the natural fibers, which are the key to giving you that full lash look. The natural fibers look like a wand with a felt tip, its actually really cool! I was fascinated by it :p

Here's what you do:

Step 1: Apply a coat of transplanting gel.

Step 2: Apply a coat of natural fibers.

Step 3: Apply the transplanting gel to lock in the fibers and keep them from flaking.

Step : Repeat steps 1-3 until you are happy with your look.

It will stay on all day, and is water resistant. But dont worry, it washes off in 2 seconds with makeup remover or just some warm water.

I got mine specifically through younique products c collection because she is the most reliable when it comes to speedy shipping. You can get your hands on this 3d fober mascara here:


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