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NO. 25 Fresh Daily Clothing Editorial - Nylon Mag Submission

Wildfox Inspired Editorial

Hey lovies! I had the opportunity to shoot a fabulous LookBook Editorial for an up-and-coming clothing line called "Fresh Daily" and I'd have to say that today was my favorite shoot I have ever been a part of. These desginer quality T-shirts are similar to that of Mark Jacobs, so needless to say I was obsessed with the looks we shot today. Wildfox was a huge inspiration behind today's shenanigans, and the late 60's glam look gave this brand a whole new vibe! Pshh who pairs a T-shirt with jeans anymore anyways? ;) Vintage high waisted skirts are the way to go!

Im so excited that the finished photos are going to be submitted to Nylon Magazine! Definitely a dream of mine to be published in a magazine that has influenced my modeling career. Fingers Crossed!

More exclusive sneak peek photos will be up soon! keep your eye on my blog (:

Stylist : Melynda Choothsea

MUA: Daisy from TNT Agency

Photographer: Johnny Toledo

Producer : Tony Toledo


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