NO. 27 Loving Tan

Gorgeous Self-Tanner

I'm so freakin' pale. Like Casper status. After college started, I have had zero time to go lay out at the beach. :(

But thank God for self-tanner! 'Loving Tan' worked a miracle and gave me a perfect olive tan overnight. I applied it before i went to bed, and woke up bronzed and ready to conquer my photoshoot :)

It didnt get all over my sheets and it smells so good! I read up on it, and people have been saying that they tan stays vibrant for about a week. But my plan is to maintain it with my daily self tanning lotion (Jergens Natural Glow build a tan). I'll let you know how that goes :)

But as of right now I highly recommend this product.

I would rate Loving Tan on a scale of 1 to 10 -

Smell: 10/10. It was fruity, and not overpowerig life your typical fake bake.

Easiness of application: 4/10. I struggled to get an even application because it dried so quickly before i could rub any lines out. But I just applied another layer of the mousse with the mitt and made sure to rub it in really well over the lines. When I washed the tanner off the nest morning, it looked flawless and there were no annoying lines. I recommend having someone available to apply the tanner to your back, since it can be a tricky area.

How long it lasts: 10/10 This tan has stayed vibrant for the past week and is fading flawlessly without any patches or streaking.

If you are dying to try this product out for yourself, it is available at www.lovingtan.com.

Be sure to use my exclusive code 'eva' at checkout for a free tanning mitt with any mousse purchase.

Photo Details:

photographer - Dylan Prebich

tan - Loving Tan *sponsor*

jewelry - Ettika LA *sponsor*

hair extensions - BELLAMI *sponsor*

bikini top - M Print Swimwear *sponsor*

shorts - ANGL

jacket - Ross (score! (; )



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