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NO. 30 Spa Day at Home with MUD Bath

Detox Bath

After a long day at work, a detox bath is the perfect way to chill and unwind. This MUD detox bath was an amzing little gift to come home to, sent to me all the way from Australia. This wonderful clay bath is infused with aloe vera powder, himalayan pink rock salt, organic lavendar powder and ofcourse, clay.

Iwas expecting it to be super thick like actual mud (silly me ) but it was actually

the same consistency as normal water, just swampy lookin (;

It made me sleepy, so I recommend dippin about 20-40 munites before bedtime. It is the perfect weekly treat (:

The only concern I had with this product was it leaving an insane mess for me to clean, but there was literally nothing left in the tub for me to clean up. no scrubbing!

I give MUD a 10/10 for effeciveness, creativity i package design (im a dork about that kinda thing) and simplicity.

You can purchase your own detox goodness at for $21.95.

Instagram - @mud_co



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