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NO. 32 I & M Jeans Campaign, Malibu Ca

Guess Inspired LookBook

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to shoot a winter lookbook for a company called I & M

Jeans (: This was actually one of the most challenging shoots I've been a part of. We were all the way up in some hills in Malibu. I had to climb that sucker in stiletto heels.... not as easy as supermodels make it look! haha My heel sunk into the mud and I couldnt move, and the director kept asking me to change poses, and i was thinking well I'd really love to move around, but my ankle is cemented to the dirt...

It had to have been atleast 100 degrees outside, and it was SO windy! So keeping my hair out of my face was nearly impossible. The director was from Japan, so I couldn't understand any of his directions, I just had to guess what he wanted me to do.

But despite the struggle, the team was amazing and we got some great shots.

I'm so excited to shoot again with them in the coming months!

Check it out (:


Nude heels – Cipher Boutique

H & M – Makeup by Sung

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