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NO. 34 My Day Off with Tru - Self Organics Detoxifying Face Mask

I decided to try a new facial mask from Tru-self Organics and it works wonders (:

I typically hate using face masks because it feels like my skin is trapped and it always hurts to peel off the mask after it dries -__-

But this stuff is really mild and I didnt have the problems I usually have with products like this.

It smells really good, and is super easy to mix. you just use equal parts water and the powder to make the mask.

I had a blonde moment.. I put way too much water and my mask was so runny and i still tried putting it on my face knowing there was no way in hell the stuff was going to stick, cause I thought that was just how this face mask worked hahah but you actually have to put 25% water and 75% powder to get it to be a consistency that will stick to your face.

The only thing I noticed after using this product was that my skin was red where I applied it. Which Im assuming is normal, but it still freaked me out :P But other than that, it left my skin refreshed and soft (:

So overall, I give Tru-Self Organics a 9/10.

To purchase your own, head over to



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