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NO. 36 Bohemian Bedroom Facelift for under $150

My Boho Cave

I got seriously bored the other day and decided that my bedroom needed a face lift (: So ofcourse, off to Pinterest I went! I looked up ‘DIY bedroom ideas’ and found a million genius crafts that will transform your room into the most amazing space you can imagine. I pinned a bazillion of them, so if you want to check out my ‘DIY shit’ board, my Pinterest handle is @evaacatherine.

I tweaked every DIY project to my style, which is a mix of bohemian/country chic. I really love the way it turned out (: I think it needs a little more work, but as for the basics I am so happy with how it turned out. Under each photo, I have craft details on how I did it and what you will need if you want to recreate it. I did all of my renovations for around $150. Enjoy!


Eva Catherine




Makeshift Headboard Art Piece

As for my art piece, I drew it by hand and decorated it myself on posterboard. I’ve always wanted a custom bohemian bull head, but they are SO expensive! Like $400 -____- So I decided to google them and found one that I really liked and I felt its style fit the theme of my room. Next, I sketched it out and started decorating it with gold glitter, lace, and pieces of old jewelry I found lying around. All can be purchased at the dollar store or Walmart.

- 1 black posterboard, 1 white posterboard

- Hot glue gun, regular elmers white glue

- Lace

- Jewelry or shells to decorate with

- Gold glitter


I wanted to make my room look more elegant, so I decided to go with a floor to ceiling make-shift headboard. I went to Walmart and bought two packages of sheer white curtains and hung them on a curtain rod and secured it above my bed, which was super easy (: I eventually want to get a canopy, but I’m too lazy to try and figure out how to install that sucker!

- 2 packages of sheer white curtains from Walmart ( $5 each)

- Curtain rod – Walmart, $10


Polaroid Hanging Frames

I got this idea from Youtube actually. Only instead of buying frames ( you would be surprised at how expensive they are!), I made my own (because I wanted to customize the size) out of black poster-board. I just cut strips of the black poster-board to the size I was happy with and hot glued them into a rectangle shape. I made the center frame more wide and square, while the two side frames are thinner and more rectangular. After the frames are finished, I took pieces of twine that I cut to fit the width of the frame and hot glued them to the back of my frame with about 2 inches of space in between strings. I repeated those steps on the other two frames, and then secured them on my wall. Then finally I clothes pinned my Polaroid photos to the strings (: All supplies can be purchased at the dollar store or Walmart.

- Clothes pins

- 2 sheets of black posterboard

- Twine

- Polaroid photos

- Hot glue

- Thumb tacks


Shelf/Closet Rack

I really needed somewhere to put all my gorgeous sponsorship pieces, so I decided to build a shelf with a built in clothing rack. I got all supplies at Home Depot and had my dad install it. (you’ll have to google instructions on installation for this one (;


- wood closet bar

- 3 White shelf holders

- White shelf



I got this vintage oak vanity for my 19th birthday last year and it is my favorite piece in my room. It has carved flowers on the legs and lights to brighten up the 3 mirrors for when I do my makeup. I think every girl should have one of these at some point in their life, they make getting ready for events so much more enjoyable. <3

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