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NO. 66 Lost by the Sea in RVCA

Beach Vibes

It was the weirdest thing. I had just been obsessing over RVCA's new line, dreaming about modeling for them. My phone dings with an email notification, so I check it and am so stoked to see a message fro RVCA asking me to shoot their Spring 2015 line. I scheduled a shoot at my favorite, gorgeous beach and this is the final product (: I hope these outfits inspire you for this coming spring and summer season.

Outfit Details // Click to shop:

Romper - RVCA

Belts - Lovestrength

Orange Crop Top - RVCA

Blue Strappy Bikini Bottoms - Issa De Mar

Gray Bralette - RVCA

Shorts - RVCA

Turtle neck crop sweater - Some Days Lovin

Tan - Brown Cow Tanning

Hair Extensions - Luxury For Princess

Photo Details:

Photographer - Dylan Prebich

Photographer - Aaron Mays

Model/Stylist/Hair/Makeup - Eva Catherine

Location - Victoria Beach, Laguna CA

p.s. thank you so much Andrea, you're amazing (:

RVCA romper.jpg

RVCA CLD Issa De Mar.jpg

Some Days Lovin - House of Quirky RVCA .jpg
Copy of RVCA Beach Shoot bralette.jpg

RVCA CLD Issa De Mar 2.jpg

Copy of RVCA Beach Shoot bralette 4.jpg

Copy of RVCA Beach Shoot Bralette 3.jpg

Copy of RVCA Beach Shoot bralette 2.jpg

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