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Navigating Grey Hair in My 30's: My Journey with Arey

Entering my 30s this September feels like an exciting yet daunting milestone, especially when it comes to my hair. Since I was 16, I've noticed grey strands here and there, but recently, they've multiplied and consolidated into a noticeable 2-inch patch. Instead of being sporadic, the greys & white strands  have infiltrated my entire head. This sudden shift has made me quite self-conscious, prompting me to explore solutions to prevent further greying. That's when I discovered Arey, a brand that's quickly become my ally in the battle against grey hair.

The Wrinkle Cream of Haircare

Arey is often referred to as The Wrinkle Cream of Haircare, and for good reason. Their approach to hair health is proactive, emphasizing the importance of early intervention. It's much easier to delay the onset of grey hair and preserve your natural pigment than it is to repigment hair that's already grey. This philosophy resonated with me, making me feel like I'm at the perfect juncture to start my Arey journey.

The System: A Holistic Approach

Arey’s system is designed to tackle grey hair from multiple angles, both inside and out. It includes a supplement called "Not Today, Grey" and a scalp serum named "To The Root". Together, they form a comprehensive strategy aimed at delaying the greying process.

Not Today, Grey: This supplement works internally to support hair health, addressing the root causes of grey hair.

To The Root: This scalp serum is applied topically to stimulate the hair follicles and support melanin production.

Why Grey Hair Happens

Many people believe grey hair is purely hereditary, but that's only part of the story. Scientists have identified the IRF4 gene associated with greying hair, but it accounts for only about 30% of the cause. The main culprits are a decrease in melanogenesis and an increase in oxidative stress in the hair bulb. Arey's unique system tackles both issues, helping to maintain hair color and health.

Understanding your percentage of grey hair is important because everyone’s hair greys at different rates. Arey’s products work best for those with less than 30% grey hair. If you're starting to see your first grey hairs, now is the perfect time to start using Arey. Even if you have more than 30% grey, you can still preserve your remaining pigment and improve the texture and dryness of aging hair. Grey hair happens because of a gradual loss of melanin, which makes hair lighter, turning grey, until it eventually becomes white. As long as some melanocytes (cells that produce melanin) are still present, there’s a chance to stimulate repigmentation. However, when hair turns completely white, it means all melanocytes are lost. Each hair strand has its own lifecycle, and the average person has about 100,000 hairs on their head, each at different stages. Shedding is a normal part of this cycle, making room for new growth, and Arey’s products are designed to support your hair’s health through every stage.

Consistency is crucial when it comes to seeing results with Arey. That’s why they offer a 25% discount on auto-replenish orders, encouraging users to stay on track with their hair health goals. The combination of scientific research and regular use can lead to impressive results.

Starting my journey with Arey has given me hope and a sense of control over my greying hair. The holistic approach of their products aligns perfectly with my goal to delay further greying and maintain the health and appearance of my hair as I navigate my 30s. If you're also starting to notice those first signs of grey, consider joining me on this journey with Arey Grey. Together, we can embrace this new chapter with confidence and vibrant hair.


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