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Wait! Before you run to the body care aisle, did you know you can create your own

products? Check out these top body care products you can make at home today!

Body care products are central to our lives. I know I love using different things to

make my body feel clean, soft, and hydrated. However, many store-bought products

contain harsh chemicals and additives that can harm us. Fortunately, we can steer

clear of these products by creating our own. Check out my list of the top body care

products you can make at home today!

Facial Wash

A great way to start the day is by washing your face. After washing mine, I feel

refreshed and ready to tackle my daily tasks. If you’re a fan of natural cleansers, you

should make your facial wash. Homemade facial cleansers will wash your face and

make your skin hydrated and soft.

Body Scrub

Body scrubs are an amazing way to get rid of dead skin, remove ingrown hairs, and

unclog pores. In addition, your skin will absorb your moisturizer better after using a

body scrub. You can create your own scrub with a few easy ingredients. All you need

is a rough base like salt or sugar, body oil, and essential oil for a nice scent. You can mix those ingredients and create a body scrub within seconds. After creating the

scrub, place it in an air-tight jar and store it in a cool and dry place.

Hair Conditioner

Conditioning my hair is an essential step in my hair care routine, and I realized many

conditioners have chemicals and artificial scents. However, I recently discovered that

you could make your own hair conditioner! You can use honey, olive oil, and shea

butter to concoct a perfect conditioner for your hair. The best part about a

homemade hair conditioner is that it can revive dull hair and add shine. After making

your own, I promise you won’t want to return to the store-bought conditioners.

Mouth Wash

When you think of homemade body care products, I bet mouth wash isn’t the first

thing to come to mind. However, homemade mouth wash is great because it has

natural antibacterial properties and no harsh additives. You can use organic rose

petals and calendula extracts to create your own homemade herbal mouth wash.

I love body care products, but store-bought items can contain chemicals, artificial

scents, and additives. Fortunately, we can steer away from these things by creating

our own products. I hope my list of the top body care products you can make at

home was helpful to you.


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