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NO. 86 May Beauty Favorites

Makeup Destinations

Every month, I try and keep you up to date on my current favorite products, what I think you should try, and what I think you should avoid. This month, Ive tried a variety of labels, and these are my opinions (:

Frank Bod

Lets be frank. This coffee scrub and total face kit is amazing. It smells like heaven and gets off all that extra makeup and dead skin off.

MAC Concealer Palatte

LOVE this purchase! This concealer quad (idk why its still called a quad when there are 6 colors? LOL) works wonders on my skin. So far, Ive mostly used it to brighten up under my eyes and clean up eye shadow fall out, as well as conceal blemishes, but Ive seen on different beaytu gurus pages that these creamy colors work as a contour as well. Ive been playing around with it but havent quite gotten the hang of it, but im determined to up my makeup game!

Available for purchase at MAC -$43 (i got my quad in 'medium')

Tens Sunglasses

These sunglasses are amazing! They definitely give RayBan a run for their money. This scottland based label is going to be a new favorite this summer! Photoshoot photos coming soon.

click to purchase my style : www.tens.co

Pacifica Cosmetics

Ive been a big fan of this black eye liner pencil. Im a big fan of gel liner, so i retired all of my liner pencils, but i was pleasantly surprised at how amazing these worked (: They stay where you put them, and dont smudge. My fave! I havent tried the brown liner or the mascara yet, but so far ive been loving my gift box from Pacifica (:

Mr.Blanc Teeth Whitening

These white strips are DA BOMB! I love how they're individually wrapped and I dont have to worry about any gel syringes or mouth guards.

Try these out for yourself for a pearly white smile (: www.mrblancteeth.com

Teami Blends Tea

This tea smells so good and im stoked to try it out. It is supposed to make you feel and look less bloated, which is perfect for those nights before photoshoots when you want to loose an inch.

Update coming soon (:

Use my code "eva10" for 10% off your purchase at www.teamiblends.com

Bio Sleep

Looking forward to some better sleep with this magic serum. This minty goodnight is said to work wonders, so Im stoked to try it! Keep you posted on the results.

Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin

This little makeup brush is such a great alternative to the Clear Sonic brush. I have both, and i have to say that they both work magic. The 'Spin for Perfect Skin' brush is about $150 cheaper than the Clear Sonic with my discount code - 'Spin4EC' (:

I highly reccommend taking advantage of this price (:

Ps. did I mention it comes with 3 different size detachable brush heads?!