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NO. 96 Paradise in Big Sur

Gypsy Roadtrip

My boyfriend and I took a trip up the California coast, and the beautiful pacific shores lead us up to some incredible places. The memories made were unforgettable. The no showers, and tangly hair are deffinitely forgettable ;P But i would definitely take those minot details, because everything else was simply breath taking. We visited Pismo Beach, El Matador, Malibu, Sand Dollar Beach, Big Sur, Pfifer Beach, Dinosaur Cove, and Pirates Cove.

If you have never experienced the Pacific Coast, you need to make it your top bucket list priority.

I was amazed at how teal the water was! You could actually go snorkeling and see beautiful creatures and colors.

We decided to be gypsies and sleep in our car. Looking up at the clear starry sky every night was absolutely perfect. The first nigtht, we found an abandoned road and drove to the very top where you could see the ocean through tall wheat fields. It was breathtaking. Its exactly what I dreamed of as a child.

Here are some unedited (yup the place is just the beautiful) photos from my jorney.

Stay tuned from my Big Sur photoshoot coming up!

Enjoy. (: