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NO. 119 Mountain Escape


This past weekend, i headed up to Crestline for a little R&R. And ofcourse some photos (:

My boyfriends grandma let us stay in her cabin for a few days, and i fell in love with the location.

The crisp morning air, smell of pinetrees and campfires, and hot coffee made for a great stay.

We drove up the winding mountain road to Arrowhead, and found an incredible look out point. We didnt hesitate to whip out the camera and take some shots (:

I am so glad i brought some warm clothes with me, because it was freezing!

Scarves are too bulky and annoying for me, and necklaces dont keep me warm. I'm so stoked i came across this incredibly innovative brand Roarke, and their scarf necklace. The design is gorgeous, and so warm! You would never know that it actually would make you snuggly warm, but it really did the job.

I will be wearing this all season, I'm sure (:

Outfit Details//Click to shop:

Scarf Necklace - Roarke, New York

Jacket & Pants - Miss Foxy Co, UK

Bracelet - Tess and Tricia

Boots - MIA

Photo Credits -

Photographer - Johnny Chicollo

Model/Stylist/Editor/hair/Makeup - Eva Catherine

Location - Arrowhead, California

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