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NO. 126 Eva Catherine x Glo Tatts Collection

Drum roll please.....

"Exclusive collection by model-blogger & beach bum Eva Catherine. The collection was inspired by her love of the ocean and by her sisters floral sleeve. These tatt's are perfect for rocking a beach day, or anywhere else your heart desires. Wear the floral piece on your shoulder with a strapless top for the ultimate mermaid look, and the dainty pieces on your fingers. Eva's style is very bohemian and her collection beckons for a free spirit to embrace it. Kick of your shoes, race down to the shores, and enjoy the sun kissing your new body art." (excerpt from packaging)

I am so excited to announce the launch of my exclusive collection of Glo Tatts!

I designed a beautiful floral line with lots of teals and whites to pop on your tan skin :)

It was surreal drawing these up from my imagination, and then seeing them come to life. My first time wearing them was indescribable, all my hard work had paid off and turned out amazing :)

These are perfect for coachella, or just everyday when you feel like giving your skin a pop of color :)

Without further ado, i present to you the exclusive

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