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NO. 128 A Thousand Ways to Wear Denim In the West

Dear John Denim

"Dear John,

Im terribly sorry I had to do this through a letter, but this felt better thank talking to you in person because I am a wuss like that. This note will be the last memory you'll ever have of me. Im leaving and Im not looking back... This should come as no surprise to you since you've ruined every pair of denim ive ever owned. I have tried reminding you time and time again to machine wash cold with like colors. To wash denim inside out so that it may retain its color longer and to NEVER use bleach! But like the typical macho man thay you are, you just dont hear me ... I know you listen John... But you never HEAR me and Im sick of explaining the difference. So I leave you now and my only hope for you is that you find someone new... and when you do, I hope you'll be kinder to her denim than you have been with mine."

This just might be the cutest label with the cutest personality. These denim tops are so thick and stretchy.. and COMFY! the jeans fit like a glove, and go perfect with some booties :)

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Dear John - dark denim flares, white denim top, light denim buttonup

Somedays Lovin - Penny Lane Coat

MIA Shoes - Gladiator sandals

Photo details :

Photographer: Johnny Chicollo

Model/Blogger/Stylist/ Hair/ Makeup - Eva Catherine

Dear John Denim:

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