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NO. 135 January beauty // health must haves!


Teami Blends Detox Tea

After the holidays, i definitely felt off my game. All the delicious food and drinks left me bloated and feeling heavy. I didnt want to turn to diet pills or anything of that nature. Which is why i opted for a detox tea. I swear by this stuff, its flattened my tummy and made me feel much less bloated.

Perfect to use before a photoshoot when you need that little pick me up.

Check it out here: http://teamiblends.com :)

Sugar Bear Hair

THESE GUMMIES TASTE BETTER THAN CANDY. Thank God you cant really overdose on these haha Ive never been a fan of taking pills. But ive always wanted longer and stronger hair, so these are the perfect answer to my prayers. They work well, ive already seen some growth in my hair, and its ultra soft.

Instagram - @SUGARBEARHAIR www.sugarbearhair.com

Roque Skincare

I absolutely love how silky this moisturizer is. And the bottle.. Hello adorable!

Im a sucker for packaging, idk haha and im a fan of the ingredients.

"the main ingredient is rice bran oil which is beneficial for many reasons one of the main reasons I choose it is because I wanted anyone to be able to use something gentle but still works just as good as something stronger one of the main reasons I choose rice bran oil is because it is amazing for anti- aging and Its praised for its high volume of vitamin E, and it's antioxidant capacity. Another great ingredient I have is rose hip oil which is really great for its full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that are great for correcting dark spots and hydrate dry, itchy skin, also reducing scars and fine lines. I wanted something light but gave really good hydration. There is no fragrance and no parabens. And underneath makeup works well as a primer making the last longer. The key thing to my product is "preventative care" age range from early teens to late 30s :)"

Instagram- @ROQUESKINCAREINC www.roqueskincare.com