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NO. 167 What does it really take to build your brand?

Um what. Elite Daily published my blogging tips on their website! With over 3 million viewers, theyre amazing for getting my advice out there for their readers.

When asked by Tahlia at The Freedom Project to give advice to bloggers just starting out, I kept it short & sweet, and decided to share my basic rules for blogging:

"Stick to your guns. Don't let others dictate your style or how you run your blog." Yup. tiny sentence, but entirely crucial!

Yes, constructive criticisms are great for growth and development, but there comes a time when you need to stick to your original ideas, because those sometimes have a way of showing you the path you should go down with your blog.

On this subject, I'm excited to announce *which you probably already noticed* that I've changed the name of my blog from 'Eva Catherine' to "The Indie Gypsie" :)

Check out the link below to read the full 11 interviews. Just click the image below to go to their website, i linked it :)

Some of these tips will change your views entirely!


Eva Catherine

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