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NO. 208 New York Fashion Week Day 2: Francesca Liberatore

Madison Square Garden

Francesca Liberatore slayed the runway with beautiful color choices and stunning structured pieces. Her blazers need to be in my closet ASAP!

In the words of the designer, "I believe in love and true freedom - the freedom to change. As a woman and human being, I chose to celebrate these things in these times and I hope you wil join me. My name is Liberatore and I believe in freedom. I was inspired by balloons flying freely in the sky and angels carrying women up higher and higher."

Check out her collection in the video below :)

Sneak peek at my NYFW Day 2 look wearing:

Purse - Louis Vuitton

Dress - Mura

Shoes - Ego Shoes UK

Fur - Mink Pink

// press photos //

// all photos below shot by me //

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