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NO. 224 Skederm Skincare Routine

I'm a huge fan of preventative products. I think its smart to stop a problem before it starts, and thats a big reason why I love Skederm. Their retinol and anti-aging products are something that i highly recommend to start using before you see signs of aging :) Over the years, I've been able to talk to countless makeup artists and hair stylists about what works and what doesn't. A common ingredient that works on both hair and skin and has extremely wonderful effects is Vitamin C. Skederm makes a Vitamin C product that I'm especially excited to work into my daily skincare routine. :) You can shop their amazing line here, and also on Amazon.

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Skincare line - Skederm

Lace dress - NAKD Fashion

Head Piece - Donbiu

Grey romper - Windsor

Grey Onsie - Vagabond Honey

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