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NYFW Day 3 & 4: Strolls in Central Park, Laduree, Max Brenner and SoHo Photoshoots

Day 3 was such a relaxing day. Last night, i went swimming in the condos private pool, and spent a while in the sauna with a girlfriend of mine gabbing about fashion shows. I got to sleep in a bit, then headed out to Central Park for a stroll in the beautiful, snowy weather. Next, Holly and I headed out to

a late show tonight for Francesca Liberatore at 8pm. We made it just in the nick of time. We had to go underneath the rope, run to the entrance and were held back by security. Holly worked her magic and was able to get us into the show. we were the last girls they let in, and tons of girls were left standing in the lobby because the couldn't get in. Some even followed our lead and rushed to the entrance, but security wouldnt let them in. I was able to get up and over into the photographer risers, and got some nice shots of Liberatore's collection.


Central Park


tee- Zaful


Francesca Liberatore Show


Day 4 was an early morning. I work up, got glam, and headed to SOHO for break + macaroons at Laduree. My girlfriend Sofia (@ItsSofiaEm) took some photos with me at Laduree and outside in the streets in the pouring rain & snow. But, they turned out amazing! I cant wait to share them with you.

After our shoot, I headed down the street to a cafe to do some work at Happy Bones. This places was too cute. All white marble tables, and super delicious lattes.

After a latte, I got n Uber and headed back to the upper east side. My uber ride was a disaster, the drivers app bugged out and he couldn't figure out where to go and I had to plug my address into his phone. So I was late and charged extra. Meh.

As the day went on, Holly and I went shopping and I bought the cutest sweater from H&M and some blush from Sephora for tomorrows photoshoot. We stopped by Bloomingdales Magnolia Cafe for some coffee and a peanut butter and jelly cupcake. (Tastes as good as it sounds!) Then we went to Max Brenner for dinner with some friends. Their chocolate martini is to die for! :)


Photoshoot Sneak Peek


Magnolia Cafe

Max Brenner

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