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Come As You Are

Ive partnered with Crocs on the #ComeAsYouAre campaign, and Im excited to share a bit of my story with you.

Growing up, i was never the popular girl in school and was totally teased growing up for my unique style. At age 12, the teasing brought me to the point of having an eating disorder for over a year, and I almost didnt make it. I was down to about 75lbs at 5'6 which was extremely unhealthy and caused health problems that I still deal with today. Now, I have learned to embrace my quirks and curves, and not put myself down for them, but instead use them to my advantage. Embracing them has led me to create my dream career, travel the world, and find out the true meaning of happiness. @crocs wanted me to share my #ComeAsYouAre story, and now i want you to share yours too using #ComeAsYouAre

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Sandals - Crocs

Black off the shoulder top - Fifteen Twenty via Samantha Slaven PR


// Photo Credits //

Styled, Modeled, and Edited by @evaacatherine

Photographed by @JohnnyChicollo

Location - Laguna Beach, California

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