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Sweet Dreams

*disclosure: Leesa provided a free product for me to review. However, all opinions stated are my own. I've been searching for a new mattress for ages! I wasn't sure if i wanted memory foam (which i find to be too soft and it hurts my back) or something a bit more firm, but still kind of similar to the feel of a pillow top mattress. I jumped on Instagram (as we all do when looking for a solution to a problem) and came across Leesa Sleep. After checking out their site, I decided to give them a try. I ordered it online, and it arrived in less than a week! It came in the cutest box. Opening it up and watching the mattress unroll was pretty cool. My first night sleeping on it was a dream. I think it feels like the perfect combination of memory foam + a standard mattress when it comes to firmness. It is the most comfortable mattress I've owned, and am proud to call myself a Leesa Sleep mattress owner :) In fact, I'm writing this blog post from the comfort of my new king size Leesa!

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