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Charcoal Shampoo + New Obsession

Last week, I attended an amazing event at the Beverly Hills Dry Bar, and discovered my love for charcoal products.

Charcoal has the natural ability to draw out toxins, and I'm obsessed with Dry Bar's line of charcoal infused shampoos. Natural products are always the best, and it's wise to be conscious of what products you are putting in/on your body. When you put shampoos full of nastiness into your hair, it's going directly into your scalp and can go into your brain! When i found this out i was so grossed out and determined to make a positive change. This charcoal shampoo + conditioner was the answer to my prayers, and Im so glad i found it. Thank you millions Dry Bar, my hair is much happier! Scroll down for scenes from the party!

// a look inside my goodie bag //

// the Dry Bar is located on a super cute street in Beverly Hills //

// the yummiest charcoal cocktail //

// such a cute location! // *not my images

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