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FORAY Holiday House + Gala Photos

December is always full of amazing Holiday soirees, and Foray threw a beautiful gala + gifting event at a mansion off iconic Sunset Boulevard.

The week started out with a fun day at the Foray Gifting Suite. I picked up some essentials from AFRM, Flynn Skye, MVMT, and more while sipping champagne and chatting with one of my favorite babes @sarahloven. After the event, she invited me and my boyfriend Johnny to the Gala, and ofcourse we were stoked, but also terrified because we have nothing to wear! LOL Thank God for The Black Tux who dressed Johnny + Josh and Fame and Partners who had me + Sarah covered in the gown department :)

SO many of my favorite blogger babes were there, and it was pretty surreal to see them in person. We had so much fun taking photos in the Photo Booth with @OfficiallyQuigley + @MadMavenStyle and loved watching the AquaLillies perform in the pool. Seriously so cool to see synchronized swimming up close and personal!

Scroll down for in inside look at the events xo


g a l a

entertainment from the amazing aqualillies

Photo Booth shenanigans

g i f t i n g s u i t e

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