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Vegas Shopping Spree

Hi babes,

This year I was welcomed to WWD Magic, and it has been a whirlwind. I was asked to speak on the WWD Social House Panel, and had so much fun sharing my story and insights on the blogging + Instagram world. Im not sure if there is any video of it, but as soon as I find out ill post it here for you guys. If you don't know what Magic is (don't worry I didn't even know until about 3 years ago), it's a trade show that brands and retailers go to show/buy new products for their store.

Magic sent me on an incredible shopping spree at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets (north), and I'm so excited to show you my haul :)

My favorite pieces are a Kate Spade backpack, wallet, sunnies, and satchel. (linked below for you to shop) xx

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