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BFF Hair Routine x NYFW

It's no surprise that traveling can take a toll on your hair, but when you add dry winter conditions to the mix it can be deadly for your locks. Luckily, we have our secret weapon with us on our trip to the frozen tundra that is NYC, and our hair has been stealing the show everywhere we go. Keep scrolling for our favorite Beautopia products :)

The Beautopia Maximum hold hairspray has been a LIFESAVER. I did a slicked back look *scroll down for pictures* in NYC and this hairspray helped it stay sleek and stay in place, and also gave it some much needed shine :) *PS a slicked back style is a great optionn that holds up in the rain*

Another favorite is the heat protectant, which is essential when using hot irons on your hair. I also recommend checking out their Cloud 9 collection, which is designed rich in nutrients to help restore and replenish your hair :)