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Kai Fragrances

Hi babes!

I had the amazing opportunity to partner with Kai on my NYFW trip, and am excited to share my exclusive interview and thoughts on the Kai collection. I am in love with their perfume, it smell so fresh and floral (this collection smells like gardenia *my all time fave, so its safe to say I'm in love. I've been obsessing over the Rose scented body wash and the signature scent shampoo + conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling soft and clean, and the fragrance is so strong that it fills my bathroom with the most incredible rose scent. Spa vibes forsure.

Keep reading to find out my current beauty obsessions, favorite date spot, guilty pleasure, and more!


... interview with kai ...

1. How do you embody Kai's "breathe * life * flow" lifestyle?

As my business has expanded, I've been learning how to deal with stress, and how to "breathe * life * flow".

I take the situation I've been stressing about, calm my mind, breathe and accept that life will flow the way its meant to and I need to simply relax and go with the flow.

2. How would you describe your personal style?

My style is always bohemian, but sometimes a little more glam, sometimes a little more simplistic/contemporary. Bur overall I'd call it pastel bohemian.

3. What's your must have beauty secret?

My mom + grandma + boyfriends 99 year old grandma are obsessed with OLAYs beauty fluid. My mom has no wrinkles, and my sweet 99 year old looks amazing for her age, and both swear by OLAY. I've been using it for. a few years and my skin looks amazing :)

4. Who is your role model?

This may sound cliche, but my mom and good friend Deborah are my role models. Both women have shaped me as the human I am today, and I am proud of the woman I am growing up to be. They are kind, selfless, God loving women who I will always look up to.

5. Favorite Date Spot?

Laguna Beach has always felt like home to me. My boyfriend and I love to go down to a secret little beach for the day and then head back into town for our favorite Mexican restaurant right on the water to watch the sunset over some chips and guac. Pretty perfect to me :)

6. Go-to Lipstick Color?

I tend to gravitate to mauve-nude shades. :)

I sue NYX lipliner in Mauve and the Kylie cosmetics mauve shade. (forgot the actual name)

7. What nail polish are you wearing right now?

I currently have a chipped French mani... in desperate need of a salon visit

8. Guilty Pleasure?

Binge watching my favorite TV shows on netflix with my fluffy blanket and popcorn :)

9. Favorite food?

All foods really (im such a foodie) but right now my favorite is eggs Benedict.

10. Ultimate getaway?

Id have to say that the Maldives or Thailand are at the top of my list :)

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