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Mi Kasa Tu Kasa

The 6th day of our trip took us a bit inland to Kasa Tulum. Nestled between the concrete jungle and the actual jungle, this hotel is a tropical paradise. Be aware that this hotel is located in an area that was still being developed, but is a little slice of tropical paradise in a concrete jungle. Scroll down for a peek inside this brand new hotel.

wearing // Iris and Poppy dress + Anthropologie bag


3 reasons to visit Kasa Tulum

One of my favorite things to do in the spring + summer is go for a swim. Kasa Tulum has a massive pool (which was the perfect temperature all the time) that spanned the entire cabana area. I loved floating around on the banana float and sitting at the swim up bar. This area of the hotel was so relaxing, and I highly recommend spending some time here if you make your way inland from the Tulum strip.

wearing // Iris and Poppy dress + Anthropologie bag


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I have to say Kasa Tulum makes the best banana pancakes. They come with fresh fruit + indulgent chocolate sauce. I highly recommend these if you're in the mood for a treat. Johnny ordered the açaí bowl, which was also delicious and covered in coconut flakes. We grabbed lunch at their cafe as well, and enjoyed their bacon burrito. For dinner, we had the Papaya Salad + Drunken steak, which I would give an 6/10, but over all the breakfast was the best.

burritos + chips and guacamole, wearing Vici Dolls.

Papaya Salad - with grilled avocado, jicama, pistachios, and vegan tamarind vinaigrette.

Acai bowl

Banana Pancakes with chocolate sauce + fruit


Comfort is key when it comes to staying in a new place. Whenever I travel, I need to get a good nights rest to make it through the days full of adventure. Kasa Tulum has the comfiest bed, and the most plush blankets of all the hotels I've stayed at so far in Mexico.The room itself is spacious, and has panoramic windows overlooking the jungle deck. There was also a super cute coffee table for us to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful day. Follow bloggers, you're going to love this: the room has 5 different closets, and a shower with 2 rain shower heads! This was definitely a luxurious stay, and I enjoyed the relaxation. (did I mention that this hotel is located in the middle of a jungle?!) You would never know this because it's nestled in an industrial looking area, but beyond the hotel is nothing but trees for miles and miles.

Beware - Since Kasa Tulum is located in a developing area, you will be able to hear construction going on outside, and need to plan for this. I suggest bringing ear plugs.

the bedroom with king size bed || wearing Vici Dolls

wearing // Iris and Poppy dress + Anthropologie bag + Lovestrength belt

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