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How to Humidity-proof Your Summer Hair

Growing up in Southern California has spoiled me with the perfect weather. It's not too dry, and not often humid. My summer travels took me to Tulum, Mexico, and my hair freaked out. It didnt know how to handle the humidity, and neither did I! The biggest struggle for me in the humidity is taming the fly aways, and not letting my sweat ruin my hairstyle, especially by my face. I've done some research and am here to share what I've found out from trial and error. The biggest takeaways are to use lightweight products, dry your hair with a microfiber towel, and embrace your natural curls!

Here are some products + tricks on how to humidity-proof your hair.

Start with the right shampoo

Starting your anti-humidity routine in the shower with moisturizing shampoos + conditioners help to prep your hair for the day. I recommend using products that have "moisturizing"in the title, as these products contain ingredients that help tame the frizz. One of my favorites is "Hot Girls" shampoo + conditioner by IGK hair. Key benefits of this amazing duo include: Enhances shine and reduces frizz - Nourishes and strengthens - Protects hair from pollution damage. Perfect for tropical climates.

Use Oils + gels // Apply IGK-Rich Kid to damp hair

One of the best ways to keep the humidity from wreaking havoc on your hair is by applying nourishing oils, especially on the ends. Oil will help to add shine and camouflage any dryness. I recommend applying your oil to damp hair to allow them to soak in even more as your hair air dries. IGK - Rich Kid gel is made with coconut oil, which is a miracle product when it comes to moisturizing dry hair. A little bit of this product goes a long way in keeping your hair looking sleek and glossy.

spray dry hair with IGK - Beach Club Texture Spray

If you cant beat em, join em. If you find that following the above steps isn't enough, and you need to bring in reinforcements, I've got just the product for you because sometimes it's better to just cooperate with the weather and use products that bring our your natural curls. I loved using IGK's "Beach Club" to give me some immediate beach hair. This aerosol delivers that salty, windswept look in seconds without heaviness, stickiness, or drying.

Wear your hair up as much as possible

Braids. Braids. Braids. Prep your strands with Rich Kid Coconut Oil gel to tame the frizz, and start braiding away! I found that a simple braid is a beautiful way to beat the humidity, and keep your hair off your face while still looking chic. Topknots, pigtails, and half up styles are a great way to hide flyaways and still look vacay ready.


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