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Champagne Photoshoot with Celeb Rachel McCord

If you have never heard of the lovely Rachel Mccord, you are in for a treat. She is one of my favorite women I have met in this industry and I seriously admire her positivity and her love of bringing other women together. She is such a lady boss and is the best encourager. Her mission is to empower women, and damn does she do that! I always leave her events feeling loved and like I can conquer the world.

I was invited to her Iconic "Champagne Photoshoot" event at the La Peer Hotel yesterday, and had so much fun meeting new people and trying new products. is located between Melrose Ave. & Santa Monica Blvd., Kimpton La Peer Hotel is a design-forward hotel created to reflect true West Hollywood style. There are 105 beautiful rooms and suites, a rooftop, pool, indoor & outdoor dining, and gorgeous lounging spaces. A big THANK YOU to them for allowing us to use this beautiful space. Follow them on Instagram @lapeerhotel.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a sign in sheet with names of all the brands participating in the event which made stalking easier ;) I loved how there were people greeting, guiding, and making guests feel welcome because many events are awkward, and sometimes the people coordinating it dont even talk to their guests (which is so weird to me!). This was the exact opposite of that, and everything was done with intention. Rachels assistant kept everything moving smoothly, and was the sweetest girl ever.

The first thing on the to-do list was group photos. We all sat in the cutest outdoor cabana area and posed with all the sponsor products, as they told us about their brands and gave us their "elevator pitch". The brands included Goody, Blush & Whimsy, Copper & Crane, Scandinavia, and more. I tried these products as soon as I got home, and am excited to tell you about them :)

Blush & Whimsy

I fully believe I met this brand for a reason. When the owner was telling us about her beauty brand Blush & Whimsy, I immediately was drawn to her. Her personality was so endearing, and her story will give you chills. She is based in New Mexico, and works closely with the disabled. Too many people in NM are unable to find work, let alone disabled people who have an even tougher time getting employed. All of the products are assembled, packaged, and shipped by a team of differently abled individuals with Down Syndrome, ALS, disabled veterans, and elderly. I love her love of people and her desire to help those around her. Her spirit and her brand message is beautiful, and you can really see and feel her love for her crew when she talks about them, and you can see it in her incredible products.

It is impossible to pull out a Blush & Whimsy lipstick and be unhappy. They are straight out of a fairytale! From the packaging to the strawberry scent that transports me back to my childhood, these lippies are pure magic. They have real flowers and gold dust inside them! They use their exclusive LipGlass technology to allow them to capture real flowers, and create a lipstick that changes color based on each individuals PH & skin temperature. Mine turns a medium pink :) Not only are they magical, they are cruelty free, paragon free, gluten free, and vegan. Follow them on Instagram at @blushwhimsy.

image created by @evaacatherine

image from Blush and Whimsy website

image of a Champagne Photoshoot guest by Michael Sasser


Skindinavia makes the dreamiest (and shine free) makeup setting spray that lasts 16 hours. I am obsessed! I ran out of my setting spray right before this event, so it was perfect timing to try something new. I learned that Skindinavia is the brand who makes Urban Decays All Nighter spray, so I am stoked to add this to my summer makeup routine. Follow them on Instagram at @skindinavia.

image of me by Michael Sasser

image of a Champagne Photoshoot guest by Michael Sasser

Copper & Crane

Copper and Crane is the world’s luxury spa, bath and skin care indulgence carefully crafted with the modern woman in mind. They have an exclusive collection of luxury bath, body and fragrance items. The vision is to create a voyage and community that brings a mesmerizing realm home to your bath sanctuary. Copper + Crane is about soothing and rejuvenating your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

I had never heard of this brand until yesterday, and they make the most beautifully scented products! Their candles are incredible, and their melting body butter is so decadent! They didnt have any samples to gift at the event, but they are mailing me some product so Ill keep you posted on this :)

Follow them on Instagram at @copperandcrane.

image of a Champagne Photoshoot guest by Michael Sasser

image of a Champagne Photoshoot guest by Michael Sasser

Goody Hair

Celebrating over 110 years of business, Goody® is a timeless hair styling and accessories brand, focused on encouraging women to #FeelGoody about themselves and their hair. Considered a staple in every woman’s hair routine from childhood through adulthood, Goody® is proud to be part of your hair journey by bringing you the most innovative, trustworthy, trendy hair accessories and styling tools on the market! Follow them on Instagram at @goodyhair. I am so excited about their new range of hair ties, they are SO strong and once in your hair, they dont move! I sleep with them in my hair, and wake up with them still held tight. Most of my hair ties fall off in the night and I find them when im changing my bedding. They definitely get lost in the abyss of blankets, and im stoked I found a hair tie that stays put.

group shots by Michael Sasser

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