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Decor Update

Aside from fashion, I have a huge obsession with interior decorating. I'm constantly changing my room up, and I'm excited to show you what I've come up with :) If you're interested in turning your home into a bohemian paradise, check out the brands below. They have added some serious flare to my space!

The rest of my bedroom is pretty basic and not pictured, but we built a corner desk out of filing cabinets, and I am obsessed! Against the opposite wall, I have a mirrored jewelry armoire and a fur bench with a 6 foot mirror mounted to the wall above it. Let me know if you want photos, and Ill snap some!

wall hanging - Radical Souls Collective

wall art - Desenio

chunky blanket - Sarah Lou Co

linen duvet - Amazon

pillows - mostly Home goods + Marshalls + Costco