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4 Ways to Style Short Hair with Lauren Bixler

I remember when I first cut my hair, I had no clue how to style it. Lately, Iv'e noticed more and more bloggers cutting their hair like mine, and I wanted to bring you a few easy hairstyles you can try on your short hair. I met up with my hair guru, Lauren Bixler @lobixx1, and she taught me how to do space buns, half up + half down, side fishtail braid, and a french twist. Keep reading to learn how to style your new hair do!


- blow dryer with flat top nozzle

- comb

- clips - gel ( I like to use Tea Tree styling wax)

- spray bottle of water OR I like to use the Bumble and Bumble go big treatment

- curling iron

- bobby pins

- hair spray

- clear elastics


It is so important to take care of the front first. If you have bangs, or annoying baby hairs like me, follow these steps first.

- part your hair down the middle

- use a spray bottle of water or use a spray gel product to dampen the front of your hair

- on each side of your middle part, apply gel from the center part down about 2 inches and start slicking your hair down

- take comb and press hair down on your scalp

- bring the comb and the blow dryer down the hair shaft

- use your blow dryer on low heat at medium speed and run the down the hair, moving towards your ear

- keep blowdrying until your hair is dry, and your baby hairs are contained


After you have tamed your baby hairs, its time to curl your hair. All 4 of these styles need a loose, messy curl as a base style. With short hair, the under hairs (that sounds weird but you know what I mean) seem to look funny when you fully curl them. Lauren recommends taking your clip curler, running it through the bottom parts and flipping them up, instead of curling them. Here are a few more of her tips for achieving the perfect, messy beach curl:

- straighten your hair first with curling iron, and then curl it. (do a few passes with your hair clamped in the curler, but use it as if it were a strightener)

- grab one inch sections, wrap around the curling iron, and hold for about ten seconds

- alternate curls forward + backward for a messy/undone look

- by the face, always curl backward away from the face.


- from the middle of your part, grab a section of hair about an inch wide and flip it over to the other side of your part.

- take a slice of hair from beneath the area you flipped over, comb it out hold it straight up in the air

- put comb in about 4in from scalp

- press down one time all the way down to scalp

- repeat 2 more times for extra volume

- for top volume - press down an inch from scalp (dont do the first step)

If you're working with clean hair, use dry shampoo to add texture.

There are 2 ways to rock this style. You can either do it in a half up/half down style, or pull all of your hair up into the buns.

- make sure you're working with your hair in a middle part

- split hair in half (top and bottom, not side to side) as if you were doing a half up/half down look

- clip bottom half down

- grab two sections from the top half (one on each side of the middle part)

- create 2 pony tails, and make sure to leave out 2 in of the front part so that you will have enough hair to wrap around pony tail

- back comb your pony tails

- twist them, and then start wrapping them around themselves to form a bun shape (it's usually easier to wrap them forward)

- come in from top with your Bobby pin, pushing down into scalp to secure the bun

- add more bobby pins as needed around the bun

- grab the piece of hair in the front, and wrap it around your bun to cover an elastic if it is visible

// Finished Style //


- Wet the front with a spray gel

- Blow dry down on the sides

- Blow dry in the direction that it’ll lay in the pony tail (back and down)

- Back comb the back of the head (Where you would wear a medium pony)

- Press down one time all the way to roots

- Do this across the back of the head

- Pull the side back and set it towards the bottom of the head (where you feel the bone) both sides

- Secure the pony with a clear elastic

- Pull some of the baby hairs out of the front

- Put the little pony into a bun or keep it in a pony tail

- for the flipped pony split the poly above the elastic to create a hole

- push your ponytail through the hole above the elastic and pull it down. ( flip your pony up and over the elastic)

- Add curls where you need to

(Can do it with straight hair too)

// Finished Style //


This is one of my favorite looks to do, and is so quick + easy! For this style, you will have your hair down, and focus on the side a

- begin by taking a section of front hair above your ear, but leave some pieces out in the front by your face

- divide that hair into two halves.

- take a small piece from the edge of the right side, cross it over the top, and add it to the left side.

- continue this until you reach the back of your head.

- tie off the end with a clear elastic band

- if you want a messier look, gently loosen the braid by pulling out the edges

// Finished Style //

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