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Rodeo Drive

This week, I attended the Beverly Hills store opening for ReBag! I am partnering with them to "test drive" designer handbags each month to elevate my looks, and help me decide on which bag to ultimately invest in someday. The Chanel I am in love with goes for nearly $5k, and I want to be sure I am making a solid decision making the purchase. I think everyone should do this before investing in their dream bag.

This month, I have been drooling over the Classic Double Flap Bag Quilted Caviar Medium. I love this color, and the size is perfect! It holds all of the essentials, and keeps them super organized. I think I want to try out a larger size next, and see how the two compare.

What do you think?

2 piece set - Elliatt

necklace - Bijoux By Catherine

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