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Dressing for the Holidays with Yandy


I absolutely love this time of year. The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer which means that NYE is right around the corner. This iconic holiday brings about some of the best parties of the year, and sometimes it can be daunting planning out your outfits. In partnership with Yandy, I want to share some of my favorite reasons to get dolled up for the holidays, as well as some styling tips.

“What if I’m wearing the same dress as another girl in the room” is always in the back of my head. I mean, what an absolute nightmare that would be. As Mean Girls would say, it’s ‘social suicide.’ I wouldn’t go that far, but I definitely think it’s important to put your personal stamp on your outfit to make it distinct, so that even if you do match someone else in the room, you still look unique. Wether its adding some crazy, elaborate jewelry or the most epic pair of shoes, make yourself stand out. I find that adding a statement coat is a great way to complete your look and also give yourself some originality.

One of my favorite holiday events this year was the Foray Holiday Gala. This annual soiree is simply iconic! From the extravagant mansion they book for the location, to the celebrity attendees, I am always a bit star struck when I walk through the doors. They were filming for the new season of The Hills during the festivities, so this years party was a bit more interesting! What was the theme you may ask? Old Hollywood Glam! Getting all dolled up for the holidays is basically every girls favorite past time, so coming up with my ensemble for this was a 3 week endeavor. Every detail had to be perfect. I decided to emulate the starlet Marilyn Monroe, and go for the finger curl waves and bold red lip. I wore a sparkly silver midi dress paired with a grey faux fur coat and some understated nude heels fo complete the look. {Side bar, these events seem effortless online, but I ended up getting my dress from another influencer who dropped it off to me a few hours before the Gala, and I had no idea if it fit or not and didn’t really have a back up dress. I just had to pray that everything worked out, and thank God it did!} I dressed my man in a striking green plaid tux with velvet shoes. This was easily my favorite event, fashion wise! Everyone looked amazing, and I always leave events like these feeling energized and inspired for the rest of the holiday season.

The Gala was the most formal black tie events I attend over the holiday season. While I absolutely love an elaborately themed event, I equally love attending smaller holiday parties. I find these much easier to dress for. This 2018 holiday season, I have been drawn to sequins and tassels. I found the perfect NYE dress at Yandy that has both tassels and sequins along with the most gorgeous neck line details. This dress is a perfect option for me when attending my clients holiday soirees. These parties are filled with other fashion obsessed babes, so that always motivates me to go the extra mile and be that much more “extra.” Yandy has so many holiday dress options to make you stand out :) They are offering my readers 20% off with code "evacatherine20" so be sure to jump on this before they sell out! Keep scrolling for outfit inspiration xo


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