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5 Essential Stylish Layers to Get You Through Any Season

With each new season comes each new layer, if you ask me! Layering can make or break an outfit, so it’s got to be done just right to match your own sense of style and uniqueness. However, there are some general rules that you need to follow… You wouldn’t wear a couple of thick jackets in the summer, would you? Here are some of the most essential stylish layers to get you through all seasons.

Spring – Dresses and tees

It was a huge thing last year, and it’s still with us this year… dresses and tees! Think Gwen Stefani back when she was in No Doubt, and you’ve pretty much got it. Opt for light, spaghetti strapped dresses with just a plain(ish) T-shirt underneath. Pair this with some of your favorite boots and you’ve got the ultimate layered look for the spring. Go long-sleeved with the tee if it’s a chillier day, like my cheetah print outfit here.

Summer – Sheer Layers

You might think that layers don’t really suit the summer weather, as you don’t want to be sweating in a ton of clothes! However, you can totally rock layers in the warmer weather too. Opt for sheer layers, such as chiffon, lace, or mesh. You can wear these over the top of bralettes or even a bikini if you’re planning on hitting the beach. Try to keep the bottom half simple if you’re going to be layering sheer materials on top.

Fall – Sweater Season

It’s not quite cold enough to be wearing coats yet, but it’s still too cold for a tee. It’s fall, so it must be sweater season. You can have lots of fun when it comes to layering with sweaters. You could wear a sheer blouse underneath the sweater, having it popping out at the top and bottom. You can wear a sweater underneath a dress, just like we did with the tees in spring. You can even wear two sweaters together if you can match up the style and lengths right. Don’t be afraid to play around with sweater layering.

Winter – All The Jackets

Okay, so now we’re feeling the chill, and it’s definitely time to bring on the jackets. This season is all about having fun with women’s jackets, so don’t be too scared to go bold. Teddy jackets are obviously one of the biggest hits this winter, and they can be layered on top of nearly any outfit. What about trying out some faux fur? Tassels? A bright print? Too often we can opt for drab colors during the winter months, so use your coats and jackets to brighten things up.

Any Season – Accessories

Sometimes we forget that accessories can be used as layers, too! It doesn’t matter what the season is, you can layer up any outfit with some accessories. A favorite boho trend is layered necklaces – they can add so many different elements to an outfit. You can also add extra layers using scarves, bags, and even hats. Get creative with your accessories and bring that outfit to life!

So, there we have it, five essential layers to get you through all the seasons. Make sure you have all of these pieces in your wardrobe, and you’ll become a layering queen in no time.

Any other ideas to add to the list? Drop them in the comments!

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