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The "Aligner Diet" with Candid

Last night, I joined my friends at Candid West Hollywood for an adorable party filled with treats + custom denim jackets. Phoebe Paints created a custom painted his + hers "Sun & Moon" denim jackets. I AM OBSESSED. I cannot wait to wear them!

I started my journey with Candid a few months ago when I came into the studio to get my initial teeth scans done. It was so quick and painless, and I received my digital treatment plan within a few weeks. My teeth will be moving dramatically over my 10 month treatment plan, and I am on day 3 of 304. I am so excited to start my journey to straight teeth.

Another perk of aligners (besides a perfectly gorgeous smile) is the fact that you lose weight due to the extreme laziness the overcomes you at the thought of taking out your aligners to eat. I am thriving on the "aligner diet."

By the way, you can totally eat with them in, I just personally am grossed out by it.

*If you are interested in getting straight teeth, click HERE to book your free scan. Once you start treatment, the biggest tip I can give is to swap our your aligners at night, so that you sleep through the initial tightness + discomfort (you have to change out your aligners every 2 weeks). I will be sharing my progress during month 4, stay tuned!

Photos by AirCam photographer Elizabeth Dixon.