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Coachella Hairstyling feat. Beautopia Hair

One of my all time favorite hair styles for any festival is space buns. These look amazing with any outfit, and are SO easy to do. Here is a breakdown of what Beautopia Hair products I used to get the look:

step one // Start by washing + conditioning your hair the night before with Cloud 9 Restoring Shampoo + Daily Restoring Conditioner.

step two // After towel drying your hair, apply Cloud 9 Blowout Blow Dry Serum all over to protect against heat styling + add some Detangling Leave-In conditioning spray to make it easier to manage in the AM.

step three // In the AM, brush out your hair (blow dry if necessary) and add some Cloud 9 Hotshapes Heat Protector spray all over your hair from root to ends to give your hair an extra layer of protection.

step four // Part your hair in half as if you are doing a half up hairstyle.

Step five // Next, part your hair down the middle and create pony tails on each side of your part with the hair you have separated for the 1/2 up look.

Step six // Next, tease the pony tail and spray with Maximum Hold Finishing Hair Spray. Wrap the pony tail to form a bun. Repeat on the other side.

step seven // Curl the rest of your hair, and brush out. Add some Shine Drops to enhance your beach-y waves.

step eight // If you have baby hairs around your face like I do, now is the time to slick them down with the Swell Volume Styling Clay.

step nine // Lastly, give your whole head a spray of Maximum Hold Finishing Hair Spray and add some Shimmer Gold Spray down your part, and you're ready to rock at Coachella!


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