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Wake Up Call with Walgreens

The life of a travel blogger is not as glamorous as it looks. Lack of sleep, new climates + foods, and the general stress involved in international trips leave my immune system weak causing me to get sick frequently. Enough is enough, and it's time for a wake up call. ☎️
WalgreensHead over to this link to download the app. Let's get the word out there! Share the news about this revolutionary new app and use the ☎️ emoji. Watch the video below for valuable information on drug adherence, and share this post with friends and family who you want to wake up. to share their new app that is designed to help everyone stay on track with their medications and never miss a dose with their pill reminder feature. Medication adherence has been something that I have always struggled with. I'm sure I'm not alone on this, but the second I start feeling better, I stop taking my antibiotics. I seemed to be sick for prolonged periods of time, and I learned that because I stopped taking my antibiotic cycle halfway through, the bacteria grew stronger (ew) and became more resistant to medication which stopped me from getting better. (thanks nursing student boyfriend, we are not giving medical advice, just letting you know that you need to follow what your doctors prescribe). With such a busy lifestyle, I am making it a priority to take care of myself and take antibiotics as prescribed to avoid damaging my health. I cannot stress the importance of drug adherence enough. It is pertinent that we all take our medications as prescribed so that we can not only get better quickly, but see improved work performance, grow older gracefully and see our children grow up. My family member suffers from depression, and when she doesn't take her medications correctly or misses a day, it severely effects her mental state and takes a toll on her body over time. Nearly 100 million Americans do not follow their prescription requirements correctly - either because of forgetfulness, inconvenience, or lack of education. Do you know someone who struggles with this? It's time to give them a wakeup call and help them get control of their medication routine. I have partnered with

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