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5 Tips on Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses for Desert Weddings

Above image is from my wedding, shot by @thiswildromancephoto & my girls are wearing @birdygrey

Weddings are often conducted in the desert to take advantage of the beautiful scenery and warm

weather. Desert weddings are stunning, but the weather can pose a challenge for guests, especially

for bridesmaids who need to decide what to wear. Fortunately, there are many options available for

choosing bridesmaid dresses for desert weddings to ensure that your girls look fabulous while also

remaining comfortable throughout the day. This article will discuss tips on choosing bridesmaid

dresses for desert weddings.

Look at Length Options

When you're having a desert wedding, it's best to choose shorter bridesmaid dresses, especially if the

ceremony is during the daytime. Taller girls might be able to wear knee-length or tea-length dresses

comfortably, but if your bridesmaids are petite, they will probably feel more comfortable in midi or

cocktail-length dresses.

Above image is from my wedding, shot by @thiswildromancephoto & my girls are wearing @birdygrey

Choose Lightweight Fabrics

It's also essential to choose a lightweight fabric for desert-wedding bridesmaid dresses because that

will help prevent your girls from overheating in the sun. Chiffon is a popular choice because it's

elegant and flowy, but there are many other options as well. Look for fabrics like silk chiffon,

georgette, charmeuse, or lightweight crepe that won't weigh down your girls in the heat of the day.

Above image is from my wedding, shot by @thiswildromancephoto & my girls are wearing @birdygrey

Light Color

Weddings in the desert are very different from weddings in other settings. It's hot, it's dry, and you're

most likely going to be outside for the duration of the wedding. This means that your bridesmaids will

need a dress that is not only fashionable but also functional if you're getting married in such a hot

setting. Consider the color of your dress from Cicinia. Light colors are more reflective of light so that they

won't absorb as much heat as darker colors. If you want your bridesmaids to be relaxed and

comfortable during your desert wedding, pick a light-colored dress that won't make them feel like

they're standing next to an open oven at all times.

Above image was shot by @valeriedurhamphotography & my girls are wearing @birdygrey

Breathable Fabrics

Fabric choice is essential when choosing any bridesmaid dress, but it becomes necessary in a hot

environment like the desert. Silk is one of the most breathable fabrics available. It keeps you cool and

has the added benefit of being relatively wrinkle-resistant, making it easier to travel with than other

fabrics. Linen is another option, as it is a naturally breathable fabric that helps keep you cool no

matter how hot it gets outside. Cotton isn't as good an option because it typically traps heat close to

your body instead of wicking it away.

Above image was shot by @valeriedurhamphotography & my girls are wearing @birdygrey

Style That Fits the Venue

The venue where you have your ceremony and reception has a significant impact on what style of

dress to choose for your bridesmaids. Long gowns may work well if you are having an outdoor

ceremony in the late afternoon or early evening when it's cooler. However, if you are having an early

morning or mid-day ceremony when it's likely to be warmer, consider knee-length or tea-length

dresses instead.

Above image was shot by @valeriedurhamphotography & my girls are wearing @birdygrey

Wrapping Up

If you're getting married in a desert locale, there are many things to consider when picking your

bridesmaid dresses. Planning a desert wedding requires more planning and preparations than other

locations, and choosing the perfect dress from Cicinia for your bridesmaids is one of them.


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