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Let’s chat about planning a bachelorette party! One of the many reasons Johnny and I postponed our wedding last year was because we knew we wouldn’t be able to have traditional bachelor/bachelorette parties or a bridal shower. That sucks - and we just didn’t want to sacrifice these events or still have them and make our guests feel uncomfortable because of our old friend, Covid.

My girls and I are coordinating my Bachelorette alongside the amazing @bachtobasic!

I can’t share too much about what we have planned, but it is going to be the most incredible intimate bohemian bash under the desert stars.

If you are planning your party or are a bridesmaid looking for advice, here are a few steps to get you started:

+ Chat with the bride about what she wants - theme, colors, how does she feel about a stripper? ;)

+ Who’s coming - will it be just the bridal party?

+ Choose the month you would like to party, and find out a weekend where everyone is free, or able to take time off if needed.

+ Book the location - an airbnb is a perfect option these days!

+ Budget everything in advance - purchase alcohol at Costco, make reservations at bars/restaurants etc

I hope these tips are helpful :) Make sure to save this post to come back to, and share it with brides-to-be!


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