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Are you looking to spice up your home to boost feelings of comfort? Start doing so by adding some of the trendiest rooms to your house! You can keep your home feeling comfortable in various ways—whether it's through a strategic design, the inclusion of family photos, or a renovation. Make your house the envy of your friends with some of the coolest rooms to include in your home!

Home Gym

Don't bother going to the gym—you can create one in your house. A home gym cuts your commute time, allowing you to increase your workout; even better, you never have to worry about a schedule! If the gym is in your house, you get to decide when you work out and on which machines.

The best part about adding a home gym to your house is the increased feelings of relaxation as you work out—there's no line to wait in, no one to watch you sweat, and you can happily blast your music as you get pumped up.

Home Theater

Why go to the movie theater with overpriced food and drinks when you get a better experience at home? I love this idea because it means I get to decide what's playing with a home theater, whether it be sports, the latest television show, or my favorite movie!

What's even better is you can use nearly any room in your house and redesign it into the theater of your dreams; enhance the cinema experience with excellent audio in your home theater. Moreover, try picking a room that's dark and quiet as you begin developing your home theater, and keep it cozy with the best furniture!

Home Library

A home library is one of the coolest rooms to include in your home; there are countless books at your disposal with no need to worry about due dates. Give it a cozy feel with natural colors, plenty of house plants, and a variety of textures as you decide on your décor.

A home library gives you variety in what you read and doesn't have to encompass hundreds of books. Start up a collection of your favorite books, get a few shelves, and carve out space in your home. To me, nothing sounds better than curling up with a cup of coffee and reading my favorite stories on a rainy day.

*all images from Pinterest except for cover photo*


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