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Wanting to get your security deposit back when you move shouldn’t stop you from

decorating your apartment in a way that shows off your personality.

I know many people have lived in cities their entire life, meaning they have always

lived in a rented home. My desire to draw on the walls growing up wasn’t something I

ever left behind. If you live in an apartment, however, painting the walls was never

an option. How do you decorate an apartment without losing your security deposit?

Here are some of the things I would do to make a rented home reflect me without

putting too many holes in the walls.

Standing Shelves (and Everything Else)

Normally, I’m huge on floating shelves. I covet open floorplans, but drilling anything

into the walls can come with a hefty repair fee. While it may take away from

floorspace, standing shelves, side tables, and even standing towel racks come in all

styles and are good alternatives to mounting furniture. Most standing furniture is

function over form, but natural wood standing shelves look just as great as their

floating counterparts.

images via pinterest

Adhesive Hooks and Framed Art

Styling a room without painting it doesn’t mean keeping your apartment’s white walls

bare. Mirrors and framed art expand and elaborate on a room’s function; when I think

about hanging décor, my mind goes straight to adhesive hooks. These work great for

the most part, but they can also take a bit of paint off with them when you finally take

them down. Instead of using adhesives, take advantage of your apartment’s existing

ledges. Mantles, molding, tables, and shelves are all perfectly acceptable (and

quirky) places to display art in your home. A small wood easel with a neutral art print

has become the centerpiece of my coffee table.

images via pinterest

Tapestries and Floor Décor

Keeping with the theme of picking it up and going when you move, rugs, throw

blankets, and wall tapestries bring a cozy feeling to an apartment. I want to make my

home where I happily start and end my day. So, showcasing soft, neutral colors on

textured fabric compliments the natural light and adjusts the room’s tone to create

both “good morning” and “goodnight” vibes. Rugs with subtle patterns or wall

tapestry designs that call out to a worldly spirit do a lot of heavy lifting when making

a warm atmosphere.

Decorating an apartment without losing your security deposit doesn’t mean giving up

on the décor you love. A little creative thinking can help you emulate all kinds of

styles without altering your home, and it comes with the benefit of changing it up

when the desire to redesign hits you.

images via pinterest


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