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Hi loves,

I have been super stressed out lately - I am being line-by-line audited. Lucky me ;) To de-compress, I started painting again and finally got around to trying a technique I've been dying to experiment with: SPACKLE ART! You may have already seen this on REELS, but I wanted to show you my technique. This style of art goes for $500+ on Anthropologie, and you can create a few for under $50 with savy canvas sourcing.


+ canvas $25+

+ spackle (i recommend at least a gallon) $20

+ metal fork

+ drywall joint knife $1

+ drop cloth or sheet to protect your floor

+ rag or paper towels

+ white paint if you are re-purposing an old canvas


+ if you are painting an old canvas or doing a DIY thrift store flip, make sure to paint it white at least 24hrs prior to starting this project

+ lay your drop cloth out on the floor, and place your canvas on top. you don't want to use an easel for this project

+ open your gallon of spackle and mix until blended

+ use your drywall joint knife to scoop and apply the spackle to the canvas and spread in a thin layer until the whole canvas is covered. I've found that holding the knife parallel to the canvas and dragging it lightly up and down the canvas in straight lines achieves the most uniform look. do not add too much, because it will end up being quite heavy.

+ take your fork and press all the tines down flat (not the tips, lay the whole fork down flat) and slide it up and around the canvas to draw your rainbow arch shape - or whatever design you want!

+ clean your fork off on a rag/ paper towel each time you use it in order to achieve the cleanest lines.

+ once you are happy with your design, keep the canvas laying flat to dry for 3-6hrs

+ optional - paint your textured art! i prefer to leave mine as is, because I love the natural off-white tone but you could definitely paint it any color you want to match your decor

If you are more of a visual learner like me, head over to my IGTV for a full tutorial.


Canvas can be pricey, so make sure to check your local thrift store for old artwork that you can re-purpose. You might even get lucky and find a gold antique framed piece of art!!

Here's how mine turned out:


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