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Find out how to create the perfect bedroom so you can sleep better at night. You can

customize your room on a budget no matter which trend you like.

Getting a good night’s sleep is more important than ever. As I get older, I find that I

can’t sacrifice my eight hours as much as I used to. The best way to guarantee good

sleep is by creating a positive atmosphere for it. Knowing how to create the perfect

bedroom will help you transform your space into a tranquil retreat. Find out how you

can turn your bedroom into a true dreamland without breaking your budget.

Choose Quality Linens

If you’re still using the same linens from your college days—or childhood—it’s time to

upgrade to quality linens that will not only feel nice but elevate the aesthetic of your

room. You can find affordable duvet covers with gorgeous designs to fit any theme

you desire. Further, choose sheets and pillow covers with high thread counts to

elevate your comfort when you slide into bed.

Style Your Nightstand

Your nightstand may seem like a functional piece of furniture meant to hold your

phone while it charges at night, but you can use it to improve the look of your

bedroom. I like to style my nightstands with botanicals and other natural materials

that blend into my design. Common items to keep on your nightstand include:

 A lamp

 Candles

 A book

 Flowers

 A fan

Play With Symmetry

When you set up the physical design of your room, consider the purpose and

function it will serve. If you are the only person who will regularly use your bed, you

could place it in the corner of your room to give yourself more space. Most people

place their bed in the center of their bedroom on the wall with nightstands on either

side. I find that this aesthetic is much grander regardless of how many people are

sleeping in the room.

Pro Tip: Place your bed in a position that makes you feel comfortable. Feeling more

confident in your bedroom could help you get more sleep.

Cover Your Windows

Window curtains do so much more than control the amount of light you let into your

room. Curtains frame your window and your view. They add texture to your space

and provide a way to block light. Sheer curtains are especially great for adding

softness to a room; I like the way they let in natural light without it ever seeming too


Include Touches of Luxury

Regardless of the budget you are working with, you can make your bedroom look

and feel luxurious. Consider budgeting for a new mattress if your old one has seen

better days. I would also suggest putting your money toward a quality pillow to help

align your spine so that each night’s sleep feels like you are in the lap of luxury.

Further, you can choose grand materials like velvet, faux fur, and silk to amplify the

aesthetic of your bedroom.

Once you figure out how to create the perfect bedroom, you won’t waste another night

tossing and turning while you try to sleep. You’ll enjoy spending more time in your

bedroom for more than just sleep.


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