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image via Sivan Ayla

Many people love the idea of renovations but not the price tag that comes with the

project. Here are affordable ways to spruce up your furniture.

Many folks consider renovations, whether big or small, every single day. Often,

homeowners look for simple ways to boost the value and appearance of their humble

abodes. There are many affordable methods for rejuvenating the furniture within your

house, allowing you to save special items, reduce your waste, and avoid a trip to the

home goods store. Check out how to make old furniture look more luxurious with

these helpful ideas that I’ve used in my home!


If you’re like me, you’ve probably had an old couch or chair with rips, stains, and

other damages. The furniture fabric is usually the first part of the item to wear down,

leaving you with an unappealing mess of a kitchen or living room. However, you can

keep your old things and turn them into new masterpieces with a bit of practice and

suitable materials!

Reupholstering involves stripping furniture of its old fabrics, implementing new ones,

and other general, restorative actions, like recrewing. Most importantly, you make

the refreshed item, and the costs are astronomically lower than purchasing new

things. Lastly, reupholstering is an engaging activity that many people often do as a

fun hobby.

image via Heather Young


By far, the easiest way to make old furniture look more luxurious is through a new

layer of paint. In fact, we could fix many “ugly” or “worn” furniture items within our

homes or on the market with a few cans of paint. For this step to work, you want to

practice patience and attention to detail—a lousy paint job sometimes looks worse

than the original product. Select a few solid colors that fit the décor of your home and add even layers of paint to the furniture. Find time on the weekend and dedicate a well-ventilated space for

your project—I paint in my garage for better airflow. If the item is wood, you have the

option of staining instead of painting, which ultimately comes down to your

preferences and what looks best with your home’s décor.

Adding Materials

Some underwhelming furniture items suffer from a lack of creativity, character, or

defining features. While luxury is a broad term and entirely subjective, subtle, on-the-

nose additions to furniture are an easy way to boost appeal and value.

Purchase and implement colorful, unique handles and knobs on cabinets and

drawers, or consider a glass top for an old coffee table. This step is straightforward

and involves a little ingenuity and a visit to the store.

When attempting renovations of any kind, remember that our homes are an

extension of our lives, preferences, and personality. So always decorate in a manner

that suits you and your family. With a bit of creativity, you can scale your home into

the abode of your dreams.

image via Valerie Star


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