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When planning your wedding, it can be difficult to balance your budget. Here are

some fun tips to help you save every penny at your wedding reception.

Weddings are an important, memorable event in our lives. Maintaining a good

budget is difficult, but there are ways for you to save on your wedding. So, we have

come up with four different ways to help you learn how to plan a wedding reception

on a budget.

Reusable Decorations Equals Saving Money

Planning weddings is fun, but what really can cause our budget to skyrocket are

often decorations. Decorations are one of the many elements that guests will

remember for years to come, and we want them to have a lasting impression.

A secret we would like to share—and we can’t help but brag about—is using eco-

friendly products to promote a more environmentally friendly wedding by reducing

plastic and preventing too much litter from scattering about at the end of the night.

By reusing these stunning pieces, you’ll save money in the long run.

Image above is from a wedding created by my amazing wedding planner - Laura of Fawn Events!

Keep Your Reception Small, Fun, and Intimate

Smaller receptions allow for a more personable and relaxed vibe when compared to

extravagant occasions that go over budget. With the reception alone, there are ways

to save money, and one of the ways that it can be done is by having a smaller


Compared to other receptions that are bigger, having a smaller reception can still be

fun and will even elevate the intimacy. Even if the wedding reception occurs in the

same venue as the ceremony, I have found that hosting it in one place allows

couples to save more money toward a relaxing honeymoon and even a future home.

It’s always best to seek out a venue that is either close to your hometown or only a

few hours away. If there is one in a particular location that is out of the way, we

highly recommend looking over prices and considering various costs.

When It Comes to the Food, Opt for Affordability

Even if it’s a buffet or a food truck, we all need to remember to compare price tags,

as well as quantity over quality—even if the food is cheaper than others, there is a

chance one of our guests might go for seconds.

Keep Your Reception Short

Regarding the reception, I feel that short and sweet goes over better than long and

strenuous. With that being said, consider hosting the reception for a maximum of two

hours, and then host an afterparty to continue the celebration.

Before we let you go, put these tips into consideration when searching for ways to

plan your wedding reception on a budget.

Image above is from a wedding created by my amazing wedding planner - Laura of Fawn Events!


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