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Life is stressful right now. Sitting in a mess only adds to your worries. Here are a few

places you should organize in your home to relieve stress.

No one needs any more stress right now—I know I don’t. Jobs are up in the air,

quarantine is still a thing, and people are getting sick. We need to do everything we

can to alleviate stress from our lives and embrace the bohemian lifestyle. One

excellent way to do this is to get organized. Here are some of the main areas of your

home you need to organize to live the worry-free life you deserve.


You can rent a dumpster and renovate your bedroom to get the oasis you want. The

more organized you are, the better you’ll sleep at night. It’s impossible to catch some

Zs while a mess surrounds you. You can also donate old clothes while rifling through

your closet, which is another advantage of getting tidy. Helping folks and getting rid

of stress—talk about a win/win situation.


The kitchen is another main area of your house you need to organize. You can’t

cook if you can’t find anything, am I right? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Open shelving units are excellent because you can access items easily.

2. Hang pots and pans so that you can grab them quickly and keep them from

taking up too much room in the cabinets.

3. Label herbs and spices for an extra organizational touch.


You can still be bohemian and have a sanitary bathroom, folks. Living a bohemian

lifestyle doesn’t mean you’re dirty. Rather, you appreciate natural tones and designs.

Keep things organized but also earthly. You can buy all-white towels and fold them in

your pantry. Then, get some wooden baskets to achieve the bohemian look you

want. And place some blooming plants in your restroom to bring the outside in.

Staying organized shouldn’t bring you stress. Instead, you should feel less worried

when you get tidy. After all, the bohemian lifestyle is all about being worry-free.

all images from Pinterest.


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